I want everything too much.

I want everything too much.

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2.3 miles outside…

starting to understand what a runner high feels like…. and i’m only at 2.3 miles, so it is not really even CLOSE to a true runner’s high. I can’t wait till I’m on my 5th or 6th mile and just enjoying that kind of bliss and power.

So, so proud of myself. Worked a 7.5 hour day with children, but I STILL found some time for me!

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2.1 mile run outside + abs!

So proud of running TWO MILES OUTSIDE for the first time EVER! I am a super star! 

Time for a shower, running errands (getting clothes tailored + quick trip to the grocery store + gas + picking up a library book) then babysitting and a relaxing evening!

Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins! They’re making my day today!

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I just have so many feelings about Rachel Berry.

That girl has come so far and one time on Tumblr I read this thing about how the entire point of Glee is to show that these characters are going to be so much more than what they started being. Quinn’s whole goal is to be popular, and she’s going to accomplish so much more than that: she’s going to Yale. Kurt was proud of his sexuality, but he was closeted and scared, and he’s grown into so much more than that. Santana was angry, but she’s confronted her issues and found a balance between being a sassy bitch and having a sweet heart. Finn has always been insecure, and he’s grown into a good man, and confidently says he wants to be an actor (which is why fans who hate on his plan make me angry… he has finally shaken that insecurity we need to SUPPORT HIM).

Rachel is my favorite character. Rachel was always the determined, take-no-prisoners girl with the dream who wasn’t going to let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in the way; she didn’t think she was pretty enough to be loved, or likable enough to have friends. Every time that girl has a tender friendship moment, or a moment where she realizes that she is more than that, I swell with pride. She’s come so far and I love her to death. She won prom queen… she has the talent, she IS a shining star, and she deserves to feel loved, and like she’s something special and she is a part of something special, because she is.

Even though I just read that on the Internet so it’s not even ~real~ it feels so right when Glee makes this kids more than they started off as. That scene where they said what they were looking forward to: 

Santana looking forward to her grandmother loving her again, Quinn looking forward to Yale, Mike wanting to dance outside his bedroom, at Carnegie Hall, Rachel looking forward to being friends with them for the rest of her life.

Be still my Glee heart. My heart swells with pride for this kids, and for my baby Rachel. She has come so far, and has so far to go. 

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That paper was rough… but I’m very, very proud of it. Off to sleep FOREVER. (Just kidding I can’t sleep past 11….)